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At Massage Stress Relief by Male's Hands, I am honored to provide highly qualified deep tissue massage in Greenville, SC. Many utilize this specialized skill as a sports massage. Whatever term is used, I have keen insight into what technique to use on any area involved. My place is affectionately known as the deep tissue massage house.

My customer and I will have an initial consultation where I provide information about what will be done, how it will be done, and why. Nothing pleases me more than knowing my customer is well-informed and agreeing to the treatment.

If my customer feels uncomfortable in any way during the session, all I ask is that the concern be mentioned. I have the capabilities of stopping or altering any treatment session. That is all part of my specialized training and knowledge base.

Many athletes either come to me directly or are referred by team physicians, coaches, or fellow athletes. Some come to me for a facial massage. In addition to performing the technique myself, I will show customers how to perform it at home. This hastens the healing process and is always much appreciated.

Starting in August, I will be offering a hot rock massage. This highly popular service uses specific hot rocks placed on appropriate places throughout the body. The heat resonates to the inner muscles and tissues. Clients receive many benefits from this treatment.

Improve everyday functioning in the Greenville, SC area by trusting me at Massage Stress Relief by Male's Hands with a deep tissue massage. I get to the root of the concern in a prompt, professional, and qualified manner. Leave me a message by phone, email, or text and I will be in touch shortly.