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Massage Stress Relief by Male's Hands is the reputable source for an erotic massage in Greenville, SC. Both men and women make appointments at my place, since I do both male and female massages. I am a male masseuse who does massages.

This specialized type of massage involves only a light touch, almost similar to the gentle brushing of a feather over the body. This is why this form of natural remedy is sometimes termed a light touch massage. It may sound simple, but this technique takes a tremendous amount of practice and experience.

My customers have the option of either laying face down or face up on my professional-grade, comfortable massage table. A towel is strategically placed to ensure discretion. I ask customers whether or not they prefer an oil. The option is there and can be customized as needed.

I receive raves for my body rub, sometimes known as a body massage, that covers the entire body from head to toe. I don’t touch any body area without my customer's consent. Some customers have extreme sensitivities to the inner thigh area being touched. Telling me this beforehand will avoid embarrassment or uncomfortable feelings.

Seductive massage is another term commonly used for this valuable service. The term used does not matter to me; I use the same skills and techniques. Ask me for more insight, if you desire to know more.

Be pampered in the Greenville, SC area by enjoying an erotic massage at Massage Stress Relief by Male's Hands. Send me a text message today to schedule a convenient time that suits any busy schedule.